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Motorcycle Rifleman in Heer
Motorcycle Rifleman in Waffen-SS
Motorcycle Rifleman in Luftwaffe
Uniform for Motorcycle Rifleman
Equipment for Motorcycle Rifleman
Motorcycle Rifle Squad
Motorcycle Rifle Platoon
Motorcycle Rifle Company
Motorcycle Rifle Battalion

This is a whole new section for German motorcycle rifle troops. I use the 3-column style for this new section. The major subtitles are arranged in the left column. The first three are the development of German motorcycle rifle troops in different arms, including Heer, Waffen-SS and even Luftwaffe. The second two are introductions for their uniforms and equipments. And finally detail organization tables for each type of squad, platoon, company, battalion and regiment in German motorcycle rifle troops will be added. There are some recommended publishing titles in the right column. Most of them are my references for this section. This 3-column style will become the standard style for all the remaining sections and even for those sections need to be revised. I hope you could enjoy this new style and please be free to send comments to me. Thank you for your visiting.

A History of the Panzer Troops 1916-1945
Panzer-Grenadier, Motorcycle and Panzer Reconnaissance Units

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