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Introduction. The creation of the motorized infantry and panzer grenadier arms came as a direct consequence of General Guderian's revolutionary concept of armored mobile warfare. This concept necessitated the introduction of mobile infantry units which could not only accompany the panzer over difficult terrain into action, but also provide both supportive fire power and safety against enemy infantry and shell splinters under the cover of purposed designed Schuetzenpanzerwagon (rifle armored vehicle). The initial development of the German motorized rifleman branch was not only lorried rifleman, but also motorcycle equipped rifleman. Because German did not have suitable armored transport vehicles at that time so these rifle units were instituted partly as motorcycle rifleman and partly as lorried rifleman. Thus the motorcycle rifle units became one of the most original formation for German motorized infantry and panzergrenadier. The formation of motorcycle rifle units in German army was not only because the motorcycle industry in German was the most predominant in the world which could provide motorcycle in good quantity and quality for military use but also the excellent mobility and flexibility of motorcycle rifle units performed in the battle field.

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