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Creation of the first three SS-Standarte. The official history of the SS (Schuetz Staffel, security staff) could be sort back to the date of 1929 when Hienrici Himmler was appointed as commander of the SS. The SS was originated as a political formation which provided personal security for important members of the Nazi party in the early 1930s. After Adolf Hitler siezed the power in 1933, he ordered to establish the Stabswache (headquarter guard) as his personal security staff. The personnel of the Stabswache was carefully selected from the SS member and Sepp Dietrich, one of the Hitler's favorite officer, was appointed as commander of the Stabswache. The Stabswache was later officially renamed as "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" (LSSAH) on 3rd Sep 1933. The "LSSAH" became the very first Standarte (equal to the Regiment in Heer) of the SS. Meanwhile the "Politische Bereitschaften" was also established in major cities in Germany during 1933. They were the "political police" to suppress the anti-Nazi power in Germany. They were reorganized and renamed as "SS-VT" (SS-Verfuegungs truppe, SS special duty troops) in 1935. Paul Hausser, the inspector of SS-VT, further organized the SS-VT units into two Standarte, SS-Standarte "Deutschland" and SS-Standarte "Germania" in 1936. A third SS-Standarte "Der Fuehrer" joined the SS-VT in 1938. The SS-VT became the second groups of SS-Standarte of the SS. In addition, the "SS Totenkopf verbaende" (SS deaths head uints) were also raised in 1933. They were recruit from the guards of the concentration camps or political prisons. Several Standarte were raised in the period before 1939. They were under the command of Theodor Eicke. The Totenkopf became the third groups of SS-Standarte of the SS. The first three groups of SS-Standarte began a slow but steady expansion since 1933 and they grew far beyond the requirement of a simple armed security staff. Finally they became a military group with 38 divisions and over a half million men. Generally speaking, all of them were originated from the first three groups of SS-Standarte: LSSAH, SS-VT and Totenkopf.

Himmler's Black Order: A History of the SS, 1923-45
Waffen-SS : The Illustrated History 1923-1945
Twelve Years with Hitler: A History of 1.Kompanie Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler 1933-1945
Das Reich: The Military Role of the 2nd SS Division
SS-Totenkopf: The History of the 'Death's Head' Division 1940-45
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