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Schützen-, Kavallerieschützen-, Panzergrenadier-, Infanterie-, and Grenadier-Regiment (mot.)

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Infanterie-Regiment (mot)
Grenadier-Regiment (mot)
SS-Infanterie-Regiment (mot)
SS-schnelle Schuetzen-Regiment
SS-Grenadier-Regiment (mot)

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Prelude. This is my first attempt to update this section. Only few of the contents have been updated and corrected at this moment because I do NOT have much time to finish this work. The formation of Schützen-Regiment (motorized rifle regiment) were to cooperate with tanks under Panzer-Division in early war time period. The formation of Kavallerieschützen-Regiment (calvery rifle regiment) also played the same role to cooperate the fast moving armour scouts vehicles under leichte Division in early war time period. Later the introdution of SPW into motorized rifle regiments made a revolutional change in the fighting techniques and the regiments were titled with Panzergrenadier-Regiment but NOT all regiments were fully equipped with SPW. The formation of Infanterie-Regiment (mot.) (motorized infantry regiment) in Infanterie-Division (mot.) (motorized infantry division) were to cooperate with Panzer-Division under Armee-Korps in early war time period. I hope you could enjoy this revised topic and please be free to send comments to me. I also would like to thank Mr. Roger Griffiths in the Feldgrau Forum for his vital suggestions and thank you for your visiting.

Panzer-Grenadier, Motorcycle and Panzer Reconnaissance Units
A History of the Panzer Troops 1916-1945

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