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Basic Organization of Panzergrenadier-Regiment in 1942

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Infanterie-Regiment (mot)
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SS-Grenadier-Regiment (mot)

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Difference Between Schützen-Regiment (mot.) and Panzergrenadier-Regiment. There were at least four differences between old Schützen-Regiment and new Panzergrenadier-Regiment. First, one of the two regiments was initially planned to equip with SdKfz 251 SPW in its two battalions. But due to the severe shortage of production, only the first battalion of one regiment was carried by SdKfz 251 SPW in every Panzer-Division. The second battalion had to be transported by trucks and was so called "Gummi Panzergrenadier" ("rubber Panzergrenadier") by German. This meant only the first battalion was capable of following panzers across country and fighting from their SPW. Although the second battalion was still trained in tank-infantry tactics, they were hampered by their vehicles so they were often held in reserve for further expansion. Second, the number of company in each battalion was reduced to four companies, rather than previous five companies. The machine gun company in previous battalion was removed. Third, another two companies were raised under regiment command as its supportive firepower. The two new companies were motorized infantry gun company and self-propelled anti-aircraft company. Fourth, a Stab-Kompanie was added under regiment command with some supportive firepower (Table 1, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 1 in 1942 as an example).

Panzergrenadier-Regiment 1 in 1942

Panzergrenadier RegimentMotorized HQ Company

II. Bataillon

Motorized Heavy CompanyThree Motorized Panzergrenadier Companies

I. Bataillon

Motorized Heavy CompanyThree Motorized Panzergrenadier Companies

Motorized Infantry Gun CompanySelf-Propelled Light Anti-aircraft Company

Table 1. Basic organization of Panzergrenadier-Regiment 1 in 1942. The battalion and company levels show the traditional German tactical symbols.

The regiment had a total of 11 companies and the firepower of these companies was increased in various kinds of anti-tank weapons to deal with Soviet tanks. Every panzer grenadier platoon had one anti-tank rifle in platoon HQ. The 5 cm light mortar in the panzer grenadier platoon was also replaced by 8 cm heavy mortar which was concentrated in the heavy platoon. A motorized anti-tank gun squad with three 2.8 cm anti-tank guns was also added in the motorized heavy company. The motorized anti-tank platoon was also upgunned from 3.7 cm Pak to 5 cm Pak. A motorized anti-tank platoon with three 5 cm Pak was also added in the motorized HQ company. Not every regiment received the self-propelled anti-aircraft company and some of the companies were a mixture of different types of anti-aircraft vehicles. The number of light and heavy infantry guns was increased as compared to those in 1941 (Table 2).

Firepower of Panzergrenadier-Regiment 1 in 1942


light/heavy MG/ATR

8 cm Mortar/2 cm Flak

2.8 cm/5 cm Pak

7.5 cm/15 cm IG

Stab Kompanie 9/0/0 0/0 0/3 0/0
I. Bataillon 64/12/9 6/0 3/3 4/0
II. Bataillon 64/12/9 6/0 3/3 4/0
9. Kompanie


0/12 0/0 0/0
10. Kompanie


0/0 0/0 0/4
Total 137/24/18 12/12 6/9 8/4

Table 2. Firepower distribution in Panzergrenadier-Regiment 1 in 1942, MG: machine gun, ATR: anti-tank rifle, IG: infantry gun.

Difference Between Panzergrenadier-Bataillon (mot.) and Panzergrenadier-Bataillon (gp.). There was no difference between motorized panzer grenadier battalion and armored panzer grenadier battalion in the original organization chart. The fire power in two battalions was also the same. However, armored panzer grenadier battalion rode on half-track SdKfz 251 SPW and definitely enjoyed better mobility and protection than motorized panzer grenadier battalion. The SPW also became an ideal platform to mount various supportive weapons, such as heavy MG (SdKfz 251/1S) and 8 cm heavy mortar (SdKfz 251/2). The utility of SPW let the supportive weapons become self-propelled.

Creation of the 26. Panzer-Division, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 9 and 67. 14 September 1942, Amiens, France, half of Panzer-Brigade 100, Panzer-Regiment 202 with HQ personnel, personnel from the 6. Panzer-Division and mass of 23. Infanterie-Division was form to new panzer division. The Panzergrenadier-Regiment 9 and 67 were converted from Infanterie-Regiment 9 and 67 of the 23. Infanterie-Division, respectviely. The major combat components in the 26. Panzer-Division included Panzer-Regiment 202, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 9 and 67, and Artillerie-Regiment (mot.) 93.

Creation of the 27. Panzer-Division and Reorganization of Panzergrenadier-Regiment 140. 1 October 1942, southern Russia, Kempfgruppe Michalik of the 22. Panzer-Division, remnants of field divisions and Heerestruppen from Heeresgruppe B was form to new panzer division. The Panzergrenadier-Regiment 140 with regimental HQ, first battalion, and one SPW company was transferred from Kempfgruppe Michakik of the 22. Panzer-Division to the new 27. Panzer-Division. The second battalion was converted from part of the Kradschützen-Bataillon 24 of the 22. Panzer-Division. The major combat components in the 27. Panzer-Division included III/Panzer-Regiment 204, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 140 and Artillerie-Regiment (mot.) 127.

Creation of the 164. leichte Afrika-Division (mot.), Panzergrenadier-Regiment 125, 382 and 433. 15 August 1942, North Africa, the Festungs-Division Kreta (previous 164. Infanterie-Division) was converted to the 164. leichte Afrika-Division (mot.) step by step under the control of Panzergruppe Afrika. The Panzergrenadier-Regiment 125 was converted from Infanterie-Regiment 125 in Heerestruppen. The Panzergrenadier-Regiment 382 and 433 were converted from the Infanterie-Regiment 382 and 433 with the original division, respectively.

Creation of the Panzergrenadier-Regiment Afrika, 160 and 165 for North Africa Campaign. Late 1942, North Africa, three new Panzergrenadier-Regimenter were organized from various formation for defending Tunis. The Sonderverband 288 was converted to the Panzergrenadier-Regiment Afrika. The Infanterie-Regiment Tunis with three battalions was converted to Panzergrenadier-Regiment 160. The Regimentsstab Fullriede was converted to Panzergrenadier-Regiment 165.

Creation of the Panzergrenadier-Regiment 152 and 153 for the 345 and 386 Infanterie-Divisionen (mot.). 24 November 1942, troops training base Wildflecken in WK-IX, the Panzergrenadier-Regiment 152 was formed with 345 Infanterie-Division (mot.) for the replacement army to guide the training of reserve Panzer and Panzergrenadier units. 25 November 1942, WK-III, the Panzergrenadier-Regiment 153 was formed with 386 Infanterie-Division (mot.) for the same purpose.

List of Composition in Panzergrenadier-Regiment in 1942. There were 49 Panzergrenadier-Regimenter in 27 Panzer-Divisionen, 6 Regiments in leichte Afrika-Divisionen, 3 Regiments in Deutsch-Italiensiche Panzerarmee and 2 Regiments in Infanterie-Divisionen (mot.).

Panzergrenadier-Regiment 1 1. Kompanie (gp.) 1. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 2 I. Bataillon (gp.) 2. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 3 I. Bataillon (gp.) 3. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 4 None 6. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 5 1. Kompanie (gp.) 12. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 6 I. Bataillon (gp.) 7. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 7 None
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 8 I. Bataillon (gp.) 8. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 9   26. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 10 I. Bataillon (gp.) 9. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 11 None
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 12 1. Kompanie (gp.) 4. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 13 None 5. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 14 ? Kompanie (gp.)
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 21 None 24. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 25 1. Kompanie (gp.) 12. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 26 Part of I. Bataillon (gp.) 24. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 28 None 8. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 33 None 4. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 40 Part of I. Bataillon (gp.) 17. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 52 1. Kompanie (gp.) 18. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 59 None 20. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 63 None 17. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 64 Part of I. Bataillon (gp.) 16. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 66 I. Bataillon (gp.) 13. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 67   26. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 69 II. Bataillon (gp.) 10. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 73 None 19. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 74
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 79 None 16. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 86 None 10. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 93 None 13. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 101 None 18. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 103 I. Bataillon (gp.) 14. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 104 None 21. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 108 None 14. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 110 Part of I. Bataillon (gp.) 11. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 111 None
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 112 None 20. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 113 I. Bataillon (gp.) 1. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 114 II. Bataillon (gp.) 6. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 115 None 15. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 125 None 164. leichte Afrika-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 126 I. Bataillon (gp.) 23. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 128 None
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 129 1. Kompanie (gp.) 22. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 140 ? Kompanie (gp.) 27. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 146 None 25. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 152 None 345 Infanterie-Division (mot.)
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 153 None 386 Infanterie-Division (mot.)
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 155 None 90. leichte Afrika-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 160 None Deutsch-Italiensiche Panzerarmee
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 165 None Deutsch-Italiensiche Panzerarmee
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 200 None 90. leichte Afrika-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 304 2. Kompanie (gp.) 2. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 361 None 90. leichte Afrika-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 382 None 164. leichte Afrika-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 394 1. Kompanie (gp.) 3. Panzer-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 433 None 164. leichte Afrika-Division
Panzergrenadier-Regiment Afrika None Deutsch-Italiensiche Panzerarmee
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