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Cover Story: Hermann Goering's Kradschuetzen

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Company Marking

Motorcycle Rifle Company
BMW R75 Motorcycle Combination
Motorcycle Riflemen
Motorcycle Rifle Company
Motorcycle Riflemen
Company Marking
BMW R75 Motorcycle Combination

March 1942, Germany, Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering ordered the expansion of Regiment "General Goering" into brigade strength. 15th July 1942, France, the regiment was officially renamed as Brigade "Hermann Goering". The regimental commander, Generalmajor Paul Conrath, became brigade commander. The combat troops in the brigade had one headquarters company, one motorized rifle regiment and one motorized antiaircraft regiment. The Schuetzen-Regiment "HG" (mot.) had three battalions. The III. Bataillon was responsible for providing fire support in the regiment. The battalion had one motorcycle rifle company, one motorized engineer company, one motorized antitank company and one tank company with workshop platoon. The 10. Kradschuetzen-Kompanie was former 13. Kradschuetzen-Kompanie in the old regiment and commanded by Hauptmann Kiefer. The brigade soon expanded to divisional strength. 15th October 1942, France, the brigade was officially renamed as Division "Hermann Goering". The brigade commander, Generalmajor Paul Conrath, became divisional commander. The division had one headquarters company, two motorized grenadier regiment, one motorized Jaeger-Regiment, one tank regiment, one motorized antiaircraft regiment, one motorized artillery regiment, one motorized reconnaissance battalion, one motorized engineer battalion and other supportive troops. The organization was the same as Heeres Panzer-Division, but the real combat strength was much alike the Waffen-SS Division (mot.). The 10. Kradschuetzen-Kompanie became the cadre for the new motorized reconnaissance battalion. The company expanded into 1. Kradschuetzen-Kompanie and 2. Volkswagen-Kompanie in the battalion. This picture was taken in the period between July to October 1942 when the company was freshly formed.

The History of Fallschirm-Panzerkorps Hermann Goering
German Military Motorcycles in the  Reichswehr and Wehrmacht 1934-1945
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