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Cover Story: Panzer Lehr's Panzergrenadiers

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The Panzer-Lehr Division was one of the most powerful panzer divisions in Heeres. It was formed on 10 Jan 1944 from staff, instructors and demonstration units of various panzer training school, thus the formation naturally made it something of a crack unit. There were two panzer grenadier regiments in the division: Panzergrenadier Lehr Regiment 901 and 902, respectively. The two regiments were all equipped with SPW: schuetzenpanzerwagon, the forerunner of modern infantry fighting vehicle. This picture is an excellent example for Panzergrenadiers fighting in SPW. It was taken in the summer of 1944 in Normandy for propaganda use. This picture shows eight grenadiers in the SPW 251 except the driver. The SPW 251 carries a panzer grenadier squad with nine grenadiers. There is one squad leader with two sections each with four grenadiers. The section has one machine gun gunner, two grenadiers and one driver or radio operator, respectively. 

Sdkfz 251 Half Track 1939-1945
The Western Front 1944: Memoirs of a Panzer Lehr Officer
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