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Basic Organization of Schützen-Regiment (mot.) in 1935

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Creation of the 1., 2., and 3. Panzer-Divisions. The first three Panzer-Divisions were founded on 15th Oct 1935. These divisions were mainly converted from previously established motorized formations. The 1. Panzer-Division was converted from 3. Kavallerie-Division (mot.) and Kraftfahr-Lehrkommando II. The 2. Panzer-Division was formed by Infanterie-Regiment (mot.) "Meiningen", Kraftfahr-Lehrkommando Ohrdruf and Reiter-Regiment "Dresden". The 3. Panzer-Division was originated from 1. Kavallerie-Division, Kraftfahr-Lehrstab, Kraftfahr-Lehrkommando "Zossen" and Infanterie-Regiment (mot.) "Meiningen". These divisions kept the same organization as their experimental one (Table 1, 1. Panzer-Division in 1935 as an example).

1. Panzer-Division in 1935

1. Panzer-Division Stab1
1. Panzer-Brigade Stab1
Panzer-Regiment 22
Panzer-Regiment 21
1. Schuetzen-Brigade Stab1
Schuetzen-Regiment 11

Kradschuetzen-Bataillon 11

Artillerie-Regiment (mot) 7373

Artillerie-Abteilung (mot)II.

Artillerie-Abteilung (mot)I.
Panzerjaeger-Abteilung (mot) 237
Pioniere-Bataillon (mot) 3737
Aufklaerung-Abteilung (mot) 44

Table 1. Major combat components of the 1. Panzer-Division in 1935 (Back line service is not shown).

Creation of the Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 1, 2, and 3 in 1935. The first three Schützen-Regimenter were founded on 15th October 1935. The Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 1 was converted from Reiter-Regiment 11 in Wiemar. The Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 2 was converted from Schützen-Regiment "Meiningen" (mot.) in Wien. The Schützen-Regiment 3 was established in Eberswalde with Schützen-Regiment "Meiningen" (mot.).

Organization of the Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 1, 2, and 3 in 1935. The motorized rifle regiment was the major strike force of the brigade. The regiment was designed to keep up with Panzer-Regiment in the field for further expansion. The regiment had one headquarters and two identical motorized rifle battalions. The battalion had one headquarters and five companies. Two of them were motorized rifle companies, one of them was motorcycle rifle company, one of them was motorized machine gun company and the last was heavy company. The organization of the motorized rifle regiment shows in Table 2.

Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 1 in 1935

Schuetzen-Regiment 11

I. BataillonII.

Motorized Heavy CompanyMotorized MG CompanyTwo Motorized Rifle CompaniesMotorcycle Rifle Company

I. BataillonI.

Motorized Heavy CompanyMotorized MG CompanyTwo Motorized Rifle CompaniesMotorcycle Rifle Company

Table 2. Basic organization of Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 1 in 1935. The battalion and company levels show the traditional German tactical symbols.

There were one motorized signal platoon and one armor scout car platoon in regiment and battalion headquarters (NOT shown in Table 2). According to German policy of decentralizing armament and equipment, most supportive weapons were distributed within infantry units. So as we can see the battalion had its own motorized machine gun company and motorized heavy company as its fire support unit. In later year the regiment also obtained its own artillery support. This tendency certainly strengthened the infantry units enormously and made them get more tactical advantage over their rivals in the battlefield. The firepower of a Schützen- Regiment (mot.) 1 in 1935 was shown in Table 3.

Firepower of Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 1 in 1935

  Light MG Heavy MG 3.7 cm Pak 5 cm Mortar
Stab 4 2 0 0
I. Bataillon 34 18 3 2
II. Bataillon 34 18 3 2
Total               72 38 6 4

Table 3. Firepower distribution in Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 1 in 1935, MG: machine gun.

List of Composition in Schützen-Regiment (mot.) in 1935. There were three motorized rifle regiments in three panzer divisions.

Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 1 1.Panzer-Division
Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 2 2.Panzer-Division
Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 3 3.Panzer-Division

There were total 30 motorized rifle-related companies in three motorized rifle regiments and the composition included 12 motorized rifle companies (40%), 6 motorcycle rifle companies (20%), 6 motorized MG companies (20%) and 6 motorized heavy companies (20%).

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